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Where could you be held?

Once arrested, whether you stay in jail, until your trial, depends on numerous factors including:
  • The nature and circumstances of the charges
  • The weight of the evidence
  • Your family ties and length of residence in the community; and,
  • Your prior record

In serious cases, the court may order that you be held in jail pending trial.

District of Columbia: If you are held in jail pending trial in D.C., you will be held in either the D.C. jail or the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF). Visitation information is available on the D.C. Department of Corrections website.

Virginia: If you are held pending trial in Virginia, you will be held in the city or county jail where the charges are filed against you. You may use the Virginia Inmate Locator to find where a person is being held. You can find additional information regarding facilities in Virginia at the Virginia Department of Corrections website.

Maryland - Prince George's County: If you are held pending trial in Prince George's County, you will be held in the Prince George's County Correctional Center.

Maryland - Montgomery County: If you are held pending trial in Montgomery County, you will be held in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

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