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Washington, D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer

Thomas A. Key is a criminal defense lawyer serving Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area, including Virginia and Maryland. He handes all criminal cases, including:

  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Assaults
  • Murder
If you have been arrested, the key to your freedom is an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Thomas A. Key has the experience!

He has over 19 years of law enforcement and criminal law experience.
He was a Law Enforcement Officer before he became a Chicago prosecutor.
He handled thousands of criminal cases as a prosecutor before switching to defense.
He knows how prosecutors and police work together to build a case against you.

Now – Let his experience work for you!

Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

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